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The Prepping Moose Kit 20lb W/Roaster

The Prepping Moose Kit 20lb W/Roaster

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If you're like me, you see just how fragile the food system is.  Therefore be prepared with The Prepping Moose Kit.  In this deal you'll find a ceramic hand roaster (may not be the one shown) and 20lb of Organic GREEN  coffee beans, packed in a Mylar bag with a 2000cc oxygen absorber and placed into a 5 gallon bucket. If kept in a cool dark place, this will last you 30+ years, So be prepared and stay caffeinated. 

I keep some in stock however in the event I don't have enough coffee to fulfill the order it may take a few weeks to restock and ship.

Green coffee is unroasted.

100% Organic 

Optional hand grinder (May not be one shown) +$40

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